The window is a very important part of the building's construction. For a long time windows have been made of wood. Today, the offer is very diverse. Wooden, plastic and aluminum-made windows are also available for your choice. South Megrame offers you a choice of high-quality, all-terrazzo plastic windows that meet the requirements of thermal and sound insulation. Modern plastic windows are durable. They do not need to be painted, easy to maintain. They are not only durable, but also beautiful. The ability to choose the profile geometry, the window opening method and design will emphasize the distinction of your window. GEALAN PVC profile systems allow you to make any plastic windows, even the most original ones.
We offer not only white but colored plastic windows. They can be covered with shades of wood that imitate trees and wood texture. In addition, you can also purchase unique colored windows made from GEALAN ACRYLCOLOR profiles. We produce plastic windows from GEALAN 3, 5 and 6 camera PVC profiles. Made from multi-chamber GEALAN profiles, the South Megrame plastic windows help keep the heat inside the room and leave noise behind the walls of the room. Our windows provide security and security

comfort, creates a unique home environment. The security of the plastic "South Megrame" windows is determined by the large profile mounting depth, the inside of the additional partition profiles, the special durability of the materials, reliable screw connections for the shutter and fittings.
By choosing plastic windows you will also contribute to the protection of nature. The greening of plastic windows is determined by the raw material - vinyl polychloride (shortened PVC), from which the window frame and sash are made. Since 2000, "South Megrame" made windows use non-woven PVC profiles. PVC is suitable for recycling and can be reused many times in the production of various products. Old plastic windows can also be recycled to convert raw materials, which will be used for the production of new windows. Thus, in the production of PVC products, natural raw materials and energy resources are exploited less and the limited resources of our planet are restored.
Specialists from South Megrame will always help you choose the windows that best suit your individual needs.