Only at first glance, the window gasket is just rubber. Like every item, as well as rubber brooms, you need a host's care. Every year the gasket is getting harder, it can start to shatter, which means that its insulating properties deteriorate. Proper use and maintenance of intermediates can increase their lifetime several times. However, if this has already happened, and your windows intermediate is completely worn out - not a problem. Practically all, even during production, the interconnections in the plastic window profile are interchangeable. By changing the old spacers, your window can regain its previous tightness and protect you from the cost you would have if you were to buy new windows.

If, due to some environmental factors, the window spacers need to be changed, what should you pay attention to?

First of all, you should know which profile your windows are made of. In rare cases, an intermediate to the window structure can be installed in such a way that it can not be replaced. It's really easy to check this - just open the window by simply trying to gently pull the spacer from the groove. The second important aspect is the intermediate service life. If the intermediates are not properly cared for, they are not regularly cleaned and lubricated, depending on the nature of the product, the wear period can last for less than 5 years. Meanwhile, a supervised intermediate can perfectly perform its functions from 10 to 15 years. Specialists recommend that a non-monitored intermediate should be changed every 6-7 years, and supervised every 12-15 years. 

The spacers can be changed independently if they are easily removed from the window profile. The whole process will not take more than 15 minutes. After removing the obsolete intermediate, it is necessary to clean the groove, and then put a new insert into it. It is more difficult to match the intermediate angle. There is also a situation when you need to pull out the hinges that prevent the removal of the old gasket. If you are not sure that you will do the job perfectly, you can always contact a specialist. Replacing the window is a routine procedure that is relatively inexpensive, but it provides the comfort of the home by restoring maximum window tightness. Gaskets - not less important component of the window, than a frame or glass package, so all they need to care equally carefully. Environmental factors, such as seasonal variations, high temperature ranges and mechanical effects, cause irreparable damage to the intermediary. Only regular maintenance will ensure that your windows are durable and functional.